“Dinner Ghosts” at the Grain House
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“Dinner Ghosts” at the Grain House


Haunted is defined as being inhabited or frequented by ghosts. New Jersey is home to a surprisingly large amount of haunted landmarks and abandoned buildings. A simple Google search will produce countless accounts of reported paranormal activity within the state. These paranormal places are closer than you think. Just in Somerset County alone, there are multiple scary spaces that you never knew existed unless you yourself witnessed any of the paranormal activities.The Old Bernardsville Public Library was originally constructed back in 1710, during the American Revolution, as the Vealtown Tavern. Many have reported that this library is now haunted by Phyllis Parker. Her father owned the former tavern. Parker had fallen in love with a doctor who was hanged for treason during the Revolutionary War. It is told that, Parker unknowingly came across his dead body one afternoon and went crazy with grief. Since her passing, it has been shared that a female spirit now haunts the library. People have reported hearing voices and feeling uneasy while browsing the aisles of this old library.

Grain House Dinner Ghosts

One of the most haunted places here in New Jersey is the Devil’s Tree in Bernards Township, NJ. It all started with a farmer taking his own life by hanging himself off one of the trees branches, after killing his entire family. Following this disturbing event there were numerous reported suicides and murders that took place around the tree. The tree still stands today, despite many attempts to cut or burn it down. Those who have tried to kill the evil tree are said to be cursed. The tree once had a branch that grew parallel to the ground; it has since been cut off. This was where the hangings took place. There are now large numbers of comments and stories people have shared about their experiences visiting or touching the tree, most ending in unfortunate events.




Sound interesting? Gordon Thomas Ward, author of the book, Ghosts of Central Jersey: Historic Haunts of the Somerset Hills will be visiting the Grain House Restaurant to share ghost stories and talk about his book as the presenter at the Grain House “Dinner Ghosts” special dining event on October 19th at 7 pm!  (Reservations required at 908-221-1150) Menu & Details


Post by Megan Lageuex