Grain House Grilled Cheese Month
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Grain House Grilled Cheese Month


April is Grilled Cheese Month

During the month of April, the Grain House at the Olde Mill Inn is paying homage to this classic American favorite with  a different grilled cheese sandwich being offered each weekday during lunch.  Often paired with a bowl of soup, grilled cheese sandwiches have remained popular with young and old alike.  As we look into the past, you’ll see why this favorite comfort food has emerged on the food scene and has been transformed in countless creative ways.

The origins of cooked bread and cheese recipes may go as far back as ancient Rome, where references have been found in their cookbooks.  Grilled cheese sandwiches first appeared in the United States in the 1920’s, starting off as an open-faced sandwich with shredded American cheese.  During the Great Depression, the concept grew in popularity with the addition of pre-sliced bread (using the bread-slicing machine invented in 1928 by Frederick Rohwedder) and the introduction of processed cheese. Navy cookbooks also show these sandwiches as an item on the military menu during World War II.

By 1960, the addition of a second slice of bread was standard, transforming this indulgence into the comfort food that we know and love today.

Today, substituting  breads such as Foccacia or ciabatta and using cheeses like gruyère and goat cheese give the grilled cheese sandwich a touch of sophistication.  Bacon, heirloom tomatoes and avocados are a few other popular additions that make a huge difference in this basic sandwich.

One of our most popular lunch items currently offered  at the Grain House is our Turkey Reuben Panini, Chicken Panini, and Veggie Panini sandwiches.  Here is just a sampling of some special grilled cheese sandwiches being offered this month:

*Smoked Gouda, Ham, Apple

*Pear, Bacon, Brie

*Crab & Avocado

Incredibly, a search of a popular online bookstore reveals page after page of books about nothing but grilled cheese sandwiches.  The subject seems to have become almost a national obsession!

For the full schedule of sandwiches being offered at the Grain House during April, go to our menu page at


Post by Barbara Curtin