Executive Chef
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Meet the Executive Chef

Executive Chef Luca Carvello

Chef Luca Carvello began cooking at the age of 12. Many of his family members were restaurant owners, and it seemed natural that he would follow in their footsteps and learn from them. When Luca turned 18, he entered Johnson & Wales University and graduated at the top of his class with a degree in Culinary Arts.

From his travels throughout Italy and Spain, Chef Carvello laid the foundation for his own personal culinary style.  Working as a chef in various regions of the US, including Miami, Nashville and New York City, his style morphed into American Cuisine with a modern twist.

Chef Carvello is strongly committed to using local, seasonal and organic ingredients for his menus, and obtains a wide variety of produce and herbs from the Grain House Organic Garden all throughout the growing season.  He also goes to great lengths to purchase seafood directly from domestic fishermen as part of the “Dock-to-Table” program that he developed for the Grain House.  Meats, eggs and charcuterie are all carefully sourced.  This attention to detail even includes customized ice creams from an artisan ice cream maker, as well as other handmade desserts.
Chef Carvello characterizes himself as a contemporary American chef with strong traditional roots. His philosophy is that American cuisine is derived from the enormous diversity of the many cultures that settled here. He frequently credits the cooking talents of his parents and grandparents as his inspiration, and cooks as a way to give back to his customers through a joyous dining experience.