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Why Choose a Boutique Hotel?

Ever wonder what exactly a boutique hotel is all about and why people prefer them over the standard brand name hotel?  Boutique hotels are smaller, more stylish hotels usually located in a historic location or affluent area, catering to a higher lifestyle and environment.  They differ from standard hotels by offering personal attention, unique design concepts, and individual experiences for their guests.  Simply put, a boutique hotel doesn’t feel like a chain.

Walking into the lobby of a boutique hotel,  you will usually find homemade cookies along with warm cider and a friendly greeter to check you in. Each property contains its own unique style and creative atmosphere which allows it to stand out.  You will most likely find luxurious toiletries, 24-hour access to superior coffees and teas, and a well-equipped gym and fitness center.  Serving homemade breakfast each morning is another way that boutique hotels distinguish themselves, giving the guests the impression of a “modern” bed and breakfast. At the Olde Mill Inn, you’ll find guests in the morning lingering in the cozy nook overlooking the courtyard, either enjoying fresh eggs and bacon or possibly yogurt topped with homemade granola and berries.

Olde Mill Inn Breakfast Buffet

Olde Mill Inn Breakfast Buffet

Many boutique hotels are celebrated for their restaurants which often have local and seasonal menu offerings that add to the guests’ authentic experience of the area. The Grain House Restaurant, located on the property of the Olde Mill Inn, was built in 1798, and you get the historic feel of the area the minute you walk in through the front door.  Flickering fireplaces in most of the rooms, the Coppertop Pub, and charming décor add to the warm, cozy feeling of this historic dining establishment that offers a famous French onion soup, burgers and locally sourced seafood.  Unique restaurants like this one are popular destinations for hotel guests as well as for people living locally.

Grain House Horse

Grain House Horse & History

Being close to restaurants, shopping, arts and culture is another advantage  which separates charming boutique hotels from the chains.

Whether you are looking for a uniquely designed hotel serving homemade breakfast each morning, or just a cozy, quiet place offering personal attention and access to activity, a boutique hotel is a perfect place to spend a few days on your next business trip or vacation travel.


Post by Barbara Curtin


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