Dream Weddings
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Dream Weddings


How The Olde Mill Inn’s Wedding Consultants Bring Dreams to Reality

Working with brides and their families on creating a dream wedding requires a lot of patience, creativity and legwork – but it is exceeding people’s expectations that makes our wedding consultants stand out amongst the many venues in the area.

As a wedding consultant and maître ‘d at the Olde Mill Inn and Grain House, Amanda Virga takes pleasure in seeing the bride and groom thoroughly enjoy their wedding day.  She is happy to have her clients revel in the fact that they have nothing to do but relax and enjoy their wedding while she takes care of all the details.

Two months before the big day, Amanda sits with her clients, reviewing the many details of the wedding such as the menu, setup logistics, seating charts, linens, centerpieces, vendors, etc.  Together, they review and decide on the timeline for the day and how the flow for the ceremony and reception lay out.  After multiple emails and phone calls during the next few weeks, the week of the wedding date finally arrives.  In advance of the actual event, the couple will usually bring Amanda any hotel gift bags, favors, and other decorative items to be used for the wedding.  She will meet with the couple the day before the wedding, during the ceremony rehearsal, and any logistics and last-minute changes are ironed out then.

Amanda Virga with Bride & Groom

Amanda Virga with Bride & Groom

Each of our brides is privy to an intimate Bridal Suite for use the day of the wedding.  This is a room where their wedding party can congregate, prepare themselves for the day, and enjoy a pre-lunch or breakfast.

During the cocktail hour, Amanda makes sure that food is provided for the wedding party while photos are being taken.  Of course, there is a popular new trend popping up with many of our clients these days called “First Looks” where the bride and groom see each other before the wedding.  The idea is that the wedding party photos can be taken before the wedding ceremony begins, so that the bridal couple can enjoy the cocktail hour with their guests and not miss any of the fun!

Providing a perfect day for the bride and groom is what Amanda finds most rewarding as a wedding consultant.  Despite the challenges of dealing with different personalities and styles, knowing she has exceeded people’s expectations makes her happy and sometimes even brings tears to her eyes as she watches the joyful couple truly enjoying their dream wedding!

Photo of Amanda Virga (left) and the wedding couple is courtesy of Douglas James Photography.

Post by Barbara Curtin


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